It’s a Start

31 Jul

I kept a blog while studying abroad in Ireland this past fall. Before then, I had a slight yearning to start a blog, but never knew what in the world I would write about. Ireland was the perfect excuse to start. I wanted to keep my family and friends updated with my stories without having to tell them one by one, and I wanted a way to remember each and every memory I made. So every week I wrote an entry summarizing what had happened in the precious seven days that had passed. I loved being able to sit down and recap. I found myself reliving the moments as I wrote them, finding the challenge of putting such personal and priceless memories into writing both exhilarating and defeating. I laughed as I wrote, I cringed as I wrote, I gleamed with joy as I wrote, and on the rare occasion, as was with my last entry, I cried as I wrote.

When I returned home I was praised for my writing. I was told that my blog, paired with a glass of wine, was Sunday evening entertainment. To be fair, the audience was small, they were my family, and wine was involved, so their judgments were few. But it still meant something to me. I was glad to be providing entertaining (and sometimes meaningful) stories. I was told I should make my blogs into a book. I was encouraged to continue writing.

And so I spent the spring semester thinking to myself, “I should really start that blog.” What would be the theme of the blog? No idea. What platform would I use? Who knows. Would I actually write regularly? Beats me. I love cooking, nutrition, and diet, so I considered a blog in either area. It didn’t take me long to realize that my expertise in the three topics were limited, and that I wouldn’t get very far. I put off the blogging idea for quite some time, until I obtained my internship this summer.

In the midst of panicking about my jobless status in late spring, my mom sent me a link to Consumer Reports internships. Although I had never heard of Consumer Reports, I opened the link and checked out what they had to offer. I scanned the listings, but came into focus when I saw “Health editorial intern.” Did I want to be a writer or an editor? Who cares. The job sounded awesome. It would give me the opportunity to spend a large portion of the day looking through health news (which I would do at my previous internship in secrecy) and would give me the opportunity to test out writing. With an hourly pay that couldn’t be topped, I applied. And after not being offered the job, committing to a different internship, being offered the job after starting the other internship, and quitting the other internship, I started at Consumer Reports.

So here I am now, more than halfway through the summer. I love the work that I am doing and I love the team that I work with. I’ve written for the health newsletter, and I’ve written a bunch of blog posts. I’ve learned a lot. So the happy-go-lucky, Irish-adventuring blogger has become a byline bearing professional. With blogging back in my blood at work, I’ve decided to extend it to my personal life. I don’t have a theme to my blog, I don’t know if anyone is going to read it. But that’s okay. I’ll have my own little archive of ideas, musings, and lessons.

So now, after this summer’s experience, do I want to be a writer or an editor? I still have no idea and I still don’t care. I have one more year to go so don’t ask me yet.


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