4 Life Lessons I Learned From An Englishman

5 Sep

Made it onto Thought Catalog!? YES!

Thought Catalog

1. Everyone’s nice; they just need a reason to show it.

Given that most of my tendencies happen to be bitch-like, I was surprised to find this guy describing me as “nice”. Was I playing up a person that I wasn’t when I was around him? Was I being nice to live up to the perfectly positive person that I believed him to be?

After calling me a selfless person while I drove him to the airport, I felt the need to confess that I thought he was getting the wrong impression of who I was; that I wasn’t all that nice. After hearing this, he responded, “Everyone’s nice, they just need a reason.” As simple of a statement as it sounds, it was the most truth I had heard in a while. For the past few weeks he had been my reason. He made me happy. Every time I…

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