An ode to the couch

22 Oct

couchDear couch,

I am writing to you today to let you know just how much I appreciate you. This is not directed at a particular couch, although I have spent more time on some of you than others, but rather to any couch that has caressed my body ever so sweetly in my twenty one and a half years of life.

Couch, you have never failed to meet your most basic purposes. You are always there for me when I decide I need some television time. Some days I’m only with you for a short half-hour or one hour spot before school or studying. Some days I’m so busy I’m lucky if I even get to glance at your perfection. But then there are our best days together, the times when I’m suffering a hangover, extra tired, or simply too lazy to do anything but sprawl mindlessly across your smooth, scented leather, or your soft welcoming fabric (I do not discriminate by material). During these times you offer up a nice cushion for my head, and a nice blanket to robe me with. You truly understand my needs. On these days I will spend hours upon hours smothering you, but you don’t care and you certainly don’t judge, which I find to be one of your finer qualities. In fact, if I make the slightest effort to get up and accomplish something, I can hear you whisper, “No, don’t leave me. Go get yourself another bowl of chips and return quickly, we’ll miss the next episode!” I always come back to you couch. You’re just so convincing.

I especially love when there are two of you, couch – when I can have one of you to myself and the other can go to an equally hungover / extra tired / lazy comrade of mine. Just as two is better than one amongst the human kind, two is better than one amongst you, couch(es). If it weren’t for the pair of you, us humans would have no ability or reason to grace each other’s presence on our downtrodden days. You bring people together.

And while my long and lazy days spent on you are my favorite memories, I can’t forget the other times you’ve helped me. You’ve caught me after a hard workout, you’ve braced the many sibling battles that inevitably end up on top of your injury-proof cushions, you’ve coaxed me through many viruses and other illnesses, and you’ve made a great impromptu bed or nap location in desperate situations. No matter what, you have always held me, encouraged me, and made me completely comfortable and I have no doubt you will continue to do so.

So thank you couch, from my bottom and my heart.

Love always,



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